Recent Chess Machine Builds

On this page I feature some recent chess machine builds. To be included just leave a comment on the main page, ideally with a video and I will add you to the role of honour. Apologies to those who have built one in the past, to be included just add a new comment.

Wals great build

Wal has used the classic Arduino + Rpi with direct reed switch connections for this great build:

Wal says : “thanks for inspiring me to have a go at this project. I decided to give it a go just over two months back, and have got the machine to a workable state now, albeit still rough. I’ve uploaded a video of the box to YouTube here:

I managed to get it working with FEN based notation, and came across some of the same problems you did with multiple MCP23017s – interrupt wouldn’t work with more than 3 connected, as far as I could tell. I still have a lot of tidying up to do, but for now it works – it’s certainly better than me at chess!”

Marcello from Chile makes his own sensors!

Marcello says”

Thank you very much for this fabulous project. I finished my built with your excellent instructions and following the learning curve suggested from tic-tac-toe game to chess board.

Currently i’m using my cell phone (vnc connection to pi desktop) to start the software in the pi, the board screen is not finished yet.

For magnetic sensors, I tried reed switches but quality and accuracy was not good, then I made my own switch very simple with a cooper lamina and magnet attached.

The most tough part was the interface between stockfish and the board, but your noughts and crosses game code helped a lot.

A shot of the wiring:

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  1. Max says:

    It can be done! Both of these two builds have adapted elements of my original design but added new things. In order to complete a successful build you need to understand the code. You cannot just copy it. Max

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