Recent Chess Machine Builds

On this page I feature some recent chess machine builds. To be included just leave a comment on the main page, ideally with a video and I will add you to the role of honour. Apologies to those who have built one in the past, to be included just add a new comment.

Wals great build

Wal has used the classic Arduino + Rpi with direct reed switch connections for this great build:

Wal says : “thanks for inspiring me to have a go at this project. I decided to give it a go just over two months back, and have got the machine to a workable state now, albeit still rough. I’ve uploaded a video of the box to YouTube here:

I managed to get it working with FEN based notation, and came across some of the same problems you did with multiple MCP23017s – interrupt wouldn’t work with more than 3 connected, as far as I could tell. I still have a lot of tidying up to do, but for now it works – it’s certainly better than me at chess!”




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